6 ways to get your ex back

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Break-ups are part and parcel of daily life. Have you ever been heartbroken to an extent of feeling confused, desperate and feeling like life has no meaning? Have you ever felt like the world is coming to an end simply for parting ways with someone you once loved dearly?

Has it become so difficult and you feel like you should try and rekindle your old love to get things on the right track? I am going to give you a guide on the do’s and don’ts when trying to get your ex back.

Although you are not guaranteed to get your ex back to your camp, after following the steps below, you will increase the chances of getting your love back. Below is what you should do and what you should not do if you really want him/her back.

1. Do not contact your ex in any form after the break-up.
This gives your ex space to forget all the negative things and gives him/her time to miss you and get attracted to you once more. Many people make a mistake of contacting them over and over after the breakup. This spoils the chances of getting her back.

2. Do not beg your ex for forgiveness.

Begging your ex-lover means you are desperate and needy. It means you cannot move on without your ex. This will re-charge their ego and cause them to remain adamant hence not getting him/her back.

3. Accept the breakup, work out to maintain your figure and be happy.

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Acknowledge the heartbreak and know it provides you with time and space to work out and improve your look. Get new clothes and look better than before. You can try the haircut that is in fashion. This will make your ex miss you more and see you as a changed person.

4. Do not freak when you realise he/she has a new love.

In most cases, people enter into a rebound relationship in order to get over the situation. Once you realise your ex is moving on with someone else, don’t be enraged as it is an epitome of frustration. He/she probably misses the times you spent together. Remain cool and it will end after she/he realises the new lover can’t fill the emptiness in their heart.

5. Contact your ex but in a planned and structured way.

Do not call your ex but send a text message. In the message do not be ignorant. Just tell your ex you have accepted the breakup and you are asking for forgiveness and tell her/him about your achievement though in summary.

6. Organize a meeting place.

After all has been well taken care of, meet for lunch or dinner. Do not make it as a date as it will embarrass you. Although it is not a guarantee of getting him/her back, try your luck.

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