‘God Save Me Else Ghanaians Will Kill Me’- Wendy Shay

‘God Save Me Else Ghanaians Will Kill Me’- Wendy Shay

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It’s damn difficult for one to please Ghanaians. This is evident in every aspect in the life of the citizens ranging from politics, religion, social, economics not excluding music. Thus, a typical Ghanaian will criticise virtually everything – s/he is will always ask for more like Oliver Twist.

Let me take you back to the era of Ebony Reigns of blessed memory. She was criticised all day by Ghanaians in reference to her stage performance but the same people wished her alive after her untimely demise saying Ebony was God sent.

Interestingly, Wendy Shay who was signed unto RuffTown records in a way to continue Ebony’s legacy is having the toughest time pleasing Ghanaians. She’s being criticised virtually all day like how they did to Ebony. From her three months same wig, copying Ebony’s style (erotic stage performance) as well as warming the bed of her manager – Bullet.

Since Thursday, October 4, 2018, Wendy Shay has been in the news for exposing her rotten buttocks infected with boils during her live performance at the grind finale of the just ended Miss Ghana pageantry. Although she has come out to debunk the viral images of her rotten buttocks saying they’re edited by evil individuals who desire to bring her down.

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