Mega Bandex fired Zylofon Music for not signing upcoming artists

Mega Bandex fired Zylofon Music for not signing upcoming artists

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In Ghana,we have a great serious artists who are in the music industry doing their best to be up there.alot of them are even having a hit tune in town that is making waves in the industry. Alot of these artist are good but got no manager.therefore sometimes find it difficult to record their track before talking about their video shoot,Yet still there are struggling to push forward.this artist pay for their track record,Music Cover Art, placed it on the internet, also pay money to the FM station /TV station before they play their music or music video for them.After all this suffering they even beg before they will get a show to perform.Even after the program,the payment become problem.But I found out there are strong holders in the music industry that can help these upcoming artists to achieve their aims.But This Zylofon media are there ..who can help them to be top but will never even listern to them.they always pay attention to those big big star artist who are already making it and this is not fair. Zylofon Music must stop concentrating on only the stars but rather pay a little attention to serious upcoming artists for them to be top there.I repeat ….. Zylofon Music should pay attention to serious upcoming artists than concentrating on only stars artist.

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